For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains.

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Nature VS Concrete

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with my university friend, Darren, who has been interested in photography ever since our university days. It is definitely fun and relaxing to do a photoshoot with a friend! He had a ready theme in mind, and I was there to execute his vision. His theme was, you guessed it. Nature VS Concrete. It was to be a juxtaposition of these two elements which seemed to be entwined in an eternal battle with it other, but complement each other so perfectly in photography in their altercation. Indeed, photography, just like acting, is a lot harder than it looks. I learned a lot from him, for modelling is not exactly my line of work. The placement of hands and body curvatures; I didn’t have an idea about anything, no matter how many times I’d binge-watched different countries’ versions of ‘America’s Next Top Model’. Now I realised, deep thought is put into every seemingly effortless pose.


The last two poses were almost identical, but one interesting thing I found out on the shoot was how a photographer’s eye works from normal people’s. I had liked the first one, indeed, I was enraptured by it because of the softness of my gaze, I have never really seen myself looking that way before. Yet, as a photographer, Darren quickly pointed out that the angle of my hand on my head was awkward as my fingers couldn’t be seen, though he agreed my look was on point! What do you all think? 😉

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Second Option!

My friend just put up new clothes for sale on her blogshop, featuring me as the model again for the second season. We had lots of fun as per usual, and though I must admit I am not that into modelling, modelling for friends is definitely stress-free and much easier than back in those days when I was struggling as commercial model.

I couldn’t for my life understand how to pose beautifully in front of a professional photographer and I think they must be pretty frustrated working with someone with no passion for modelling. I’d greatly preferred doing advertisements which does not involve me being still for a long moment trying to look elegant and failing miserably.

Though I must say, pictures of me taken by professional photographers are usually exceptionally well-done, despite all my bungles. They do have great directions, and after hours of grueling communication, a spectacular work will be produced.

Why am I suddenly reflecting on my time as a model, I wonder. I guess every time I model for my friend’s blogshop I would be reminded of my inadequacies, but I am hoping to improve in my poses as can be seen from below, taking a leaf out of a modelling pose book. Unfortunately I only had time to flip through the pages after the photoshoot, and most of the photos are not really applicable for blogshop poses anyway. But still, browsing the book made me appreciate modelling more as an art form, which I had never really thought of it that way in the past (Probably the reason as to why I sucked at modelling).IMG_3759


Anyway, enough of my gripes! Anyone who is interested to see how my barely passable attempts at modelling turns out, do check out and also shop around a bit!


Probably one of my best poses!