Writing to feel Alive in a Pandemic World

An open laptop, a pen lying across an open book with scribbles on it, with a cup and a vase of flowers beside them.

I recently came across a post that mentioned about how people turn to writing during times of crisis. I will never forget this particular description, for it truly speaks to my heart. “A diary can serve as a stimulant to feeling. It can remind the author, whether she is writing from prison or the warfront […]

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Bought and Sold – Modern Slavery

I stumbled across this mini art exhibition “Bought and Sold”, by Kay Chernush, and was instantly enraptured by the images and stories. The context of modern slavery may seem far-fetched to some, especially in a modern, civilised society. But the unequal balance of power will always exist. And when there is power, there also lies […]

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CPIB trials and question on Gender Discrimination

Recently, news of the CPIB trials seem to raise a lot of public scrutiny and even mocking as the trials focus on exposing the risque affairs of the people involved, unraveling the melodrama of the court cases which seem to be turning into soap operas. Whilst I don’t think any of the female witnesses are […]

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