Kadomori Electric Hands Facial Shaping Experience

I was invited to Devonshire Hair Studio at Somerset for a special facial lifting programme with them. It is actually a special form of massage by an aesthetics clinic from Tokyo, called Kadomori. They specially invited the head coach of Kadomori, Keigo-san, all the way from Japan, to conduct a few special sessions in Singapore for this month.

I was really fortunate to be given this chance to try this 1-hour long massage, which was a very therapeutic experience. You might be wondering, what’s electric hands? It literally means electricity coming out of the hands, much like that of a superhero, and I would think of Keigo-san as something of a superhero to all ladies like me who face the problem of chipmunk cheeks. My face is one of the first places to gain weight for me, which certainly isn’t ideal when I have to be in front of the camera.

The electricity flow is gentle and not at all painful. In fact, once you get past the initial feeling of electric jolt much like that of brushing against someone’s arm, the tingling rushes of electricity hums into something a whole lot more comfortable. Honestly, it was so relaxing that I almost fell asleep

How does the Electric Hands Massage create a Smaller Face?

I am no expert, and may not be able to explain the procedure accurately since they explained it to me in Japanese, but the general idea is that it is done by connecting my back with the head coach’s feet with an electricity outlet, and then making use of electric flow from the head coach’s feet to his hands to work his magic on my face, sculpting and re-shaping every bone in my skull. Yes, you read right. He actually makes use of his hands to massage and shift the bones in my skull to create a more symmetrical look on my face, as well as working along my jaw muscles and fats to make my face smaller.

So, did it really work? Or was it just some marketing decoy?

]I must say, I was truly impressed with the results. My cheek width was initially 14.6 cm, which according to Keigo-san, is around the same as the average Japanese female. After the massage, it actually reduced to 13.8 cm, almost 1 cm smaller! My jaw width was actually smaller than the average Japanese female at 12.4 cm, which apparently isn’t exactly a good thing, because my cheeks are wide, and as gravity pulls down our skin with age, I have the proclivity to develop a square face as I age. Sigh. But the good news is, it shrunk to 11.8 cm after the massage!

While the results may have been impressive, Keigo-san stressed that daily maintenance after the massage is essential so that my face will not return to its original size. The bad habits that I had, such as always sleeping on my left side, as well as the high possibility that I chew with the left side of my mouth more or harder than the right side, has caused my left face to grow bigger than my right.

I had read before that sleeping on the side would cause wrinkles, but I never knew that it could cause my face to grow bigger and asymmetrical! While Keigo-san mentioned that it may be hard to stop myself from sleeping on the side as it is an unconscious act, I have put in my resolve to do my best to only sleep facing upwards from now, no matter how hard it is.

Maintaining Your Small Face is Easy

Other than kicking these bad habits, there is a good habit to adopt, and it is a relatively easy one which I had never quite believed, but is in fact true, according to Keigo-san. Giving your face a daily massage, even if it is just for one minute, can go a long way in keeping your face small, for it tightens loose skin, tones facial muscles, and also drains the lymph nodes around your face to get rid of excess water retention, leading to a smaller face. Time to get the pretty rose quartz facial massage roller I’ve been eyeing.

Disclaimer: While I may have been invited to the facial massage, all opinions are 100% my own. All health statements are as expressed by the health professional, Keigo-san, in Japanese, so I may not have given an accurate reflection on what he said as I am no expert in Japanese nor translation. So please seek the advice of a licensed health professional if you are intending to get a small V-shaped face!

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