5 Beauty Products that Brings You the Joy of White Christmas

Just a month away from Christmas, and I’m missing the white winterland of Hokkaido already. I fervently wish I am back in Japan to catch some snowfall, or actually, just anywhere in the world that is blessed with white winter.

But while I am only able to spend a tropical Christmas this year in Singapore, I can still give myself some semblance of White Christmas by listening Christmas carols (which I really do have the habit of doing, it’s just so merry) and indulging in lovely Christmas-sy wintry products.

My first click onto Sephora website sent me into the wonderful world of Christmas. The snowflakes falling across the screen warmed my heart, digital as they may be.

Too Faced Christmas Cookie House Party Face Palette Set

Image by Sephora

Can it get more Chrismassy than this? This gingerbread-flavoured palette set will probably make me smell so tantalisingly yummy I might even have to restrain myself from chomping down on my gingerbread glowing skin. And just take a look at the packaging! Aptly named Cookie House Party, it opens up to a Gingerbread house with a Gingerbread Man welcoming you to a party of colourful eyeshadows and cheeks and bronzing palette, completw with mascara, eyeshadow primer and lipgloss! With so many products included, S$90 is actually surprisingly inexpensive! But I didn’t quite like its Better Than Sex Mascara for it was rather dry. And though I do possess a Too Faced eyeshadow palette which has an absolutely adorable heart packaging (Actually it’s a Too Face collaboration with Kat Von D called Better Together, where each brand’s palette comes in a form of half heart that fits together), and some of the colours are really lovely, it does have more fallout and less stay-on power than Urban Decay. Still, it does have a lot of products within one cute packaging, which makes it super tempting.

Price: SGD 90

Tarte Lip Ornaments Lipgloss Set

Image by Tarte

This lipgloss set looks like a set of Christmas ornaments waiting to be embellished on a tree, and seeing the metallic shine on them makes me want to nourish my lips with an ornamental sheen as well. They come in four colours with pretty names for each; Cuddle is a lovely coral pink that would make your man want to cuddle up to you, Milk and Cookies is a sexy deep purple that sounds enticingly delicious, Snowflake is a shimmering white sheen like pure snow lit by the sun’s rays, and Twinkle is a beautiful luxurious gold that sparkles like gold dust on the lips. Or this is how it looked on pictures. Formulated with moisturising and nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, portula pilosa extract and Vitamin E, the lipgloss promises a voluminous shine that boosts hydration to make my dry puckers kissable all day long. It is also infused with vanilla fragrance (my all-time favourite fragrance), so I can see myself “accidentally” licking up my lipgloss all too frequently and always in need of another touchup.

Price: SGD 49

Skin Inc Holiday Dew Skincare Kit

Image by Sephora

I have always had dry skin, but having spent two winters in Japan has made my already dry skin even more dehydrated. Skin Inc is known for its customized skincare line, so naturally the Skin Inc Holiday Dew Skincare kit comes in a jewel-shaped box that encloses not one, but two different serums for your skin! The Pure Serum Mist is a hydrating serum mist that helps to lock in moistue while minimizing the appearance of pores. And all of you should know very well the anti-aging properties of collagen by now. Collagen is a serum which contains, well, collagen, which helps to make skin more youthful and supple. Both serums can be used separately or blended to maximise their skincare properties for people with multiple skincare concerns, like me! For the price of S$39, it definitely sounds like value for money to me as it’s essentially a two-in-one deal.

Price: SGD 39

Tarte Merry Metals Brush Set

Image by Sephora

Tarte Merry Metals Brush set comprises of a synthetic hair eye and cheek brush collection for highlighting, blending and contouring. This brush set certainly looks very merry, with each rose-gold brush adorned with white geometrical lines that looked kind of like snowflakes to me. Or am I dreaming too hard of winter? Regardless, with some of my makeup brushes’ hairs falling apart, this looks like a pretty merry investment for the next couple of years to me.

Price: SGD 60

Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum, White Limited Edition

This limited edition perfume is inspired by the joy of holiday snowfall itself, so it must be meant for me.  Encased in the signature Tiffany Blue box, the elaborately faceted base of the bottle is shaped like the Tiffany Diamond worn by Lady Gaga in the 2019 Oscars, while the sleek geometric lines of the shoulders mirror the Tiffany Lucida-cut diamond engagement ring. The fragrance smells of sweet floral musk, opening with vibrant notes of vert de mandarine, followed by the sophisticated feminine scent of the iris flower.

Price: SGD 165 for 50ml

With all the luxury that comes with the brand, it is naturally the most expensive on the list at S$165, but it comes with FREE engraving services at Sephora ION if you purchase the White Limited Edition from 8th November to 16th November! The engraving station will be available on:

Friday, November 8th, 5pm to 8pmSaturday, November 9th, 2pm to 7pmFriday, November 15th, 5pm to 8pmSaturday, November 16th, 2pm to 7pm

It’s already Saturday, November 9th, so excuse me while I head down to Ion afterwards to get my name engraved.

Featured image by Denisse Leon on Unsplash

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