Tsuyu’s beauty – Ajisai

The rainy season (梅雨|tsuyu) is over, and summer has come, so I thought I will dedicate this post to my favourite flower of the month of tsuyu, hydrangeas (紫陽花|ajisai). Ajisai are like mini-bouquets, with the tiny flowers bunched tightly together. And sometimes, the petals look like butterflies clumped together, their wings fluttering in the wind.

I had the privilege to see an unbelievable number of hydrangeas  during my visit to Hasedera Temple in Kamakura, and I didn’t know there were so many types of hydrangeas till now. Mophead hydrangeas and lacecap hydrangeas can be found in many parts of Japan, but there are so many other kinds like mountain hydrangea and panicle hydrangeas. And while blue and purple hydrangeas are probably the most common, hydrangeas do come in shades of white and pink as well. I won’t say more, as this post is essentially just meant to be a visual treat for flower lovers.


I love the speckles of pink across the petals.







This particular hydrangea is unique in its pink tips outlining the white petals, and be more beautiful in full bloom, but I just love the bamboo in the background.


A panicle hydrangea is cone-shaped, unlike typical hydrangeas.



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4 thoughts on “Tsuyu’s beauty – Ajisai

    1. Indeed, something for everyone! I remembered I was admiring a particular blossom when my mother-in-law commented she didn’t like it!

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