Český Krumlov in 1 Day: A Fairytale Town

Český Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Czech Republic that is absolutely picture perfect. It looks like a place ripped right of the pages of a fairytale, and the best part is, it is not too far from Prague, so it can be easily tackled as a day trip.

There are several options you can choose to reach Český Krumlov, but we chose to go by the RejioJet Bus because of the rave reviews online. It was certainly a comfortable trip to and fro Prague, and you can watch movies in the bus as well, though I was very much distracted by the multiple rape blossom seas as we travelled to Český Krumlov. Do make sure to purchase the tickets in advance though, for they will sell out fast on peak seasons.


Being the second most visited place in Czech Republic after Prague, it is no surprise that it is inundated with tourists like me. But the crowds cannot erase the magic of the medieval town.

Castle Tower



The Castle Tower is the star attraction of this town, and is said to have inspired many great poets and authors. It is easy to see why, for it looks every bit as magical and romantic as a Disney princess castle. Indeed, it seems rather like how the mermaid’s castle will look like, with the coral shell paintings on the walls.





It is quite a long climb up the tower, but there are multiple levels where you can view other things and shop for souvenirs before you reach the top, so it is quite a leisurely and enjoyable climb. At the top of the castle tower and along the high points of the castle, you will be rewarded with a view of the entire town, the winding Vltava river, and sprawling greenery that stretches on for miles.

Castle Museum




This is the inside of the castle museum. It may not be big, but it houses many antique jewelry and tableware, and I always did love looking at ornate things, so I was happy touring the rooms.

Castle Gardens



And this is the castle garden that we stumbled into as we wandered around the castle. It is really beautiful, almost on par with the castle tower with its intricately carved walls and fountains, and lovely, colourful flowers. And I absolutely love the fact that we can actually see the rolling hills dotting the horizons from the gardens.

Český Krumlov Card

You can roam about the castle if you choose to purchase the Český Krumlov card, which also gives you access to several other attractions in the town. It costs 300 CZK for each adult, and 600 CZK for an entire family. These are the following places you can visit with the card:

  • Castle Museum and Castle Tower
  • Český Krumlov Regional Museum
  • Museum Fotoatelier Seidel
  • Egon Schiele Art Centrum
  • Monasteries Český Krumlov

But we didn’t really think we would be interested in these other attractions, so we just opted for castle tower and museum admission fee, which only costs 100 CZK.

Cobblestone streets, Alleyways & Vltava River






As we reached early in the morning, and first visited the castle, we had the whole afternoon to slowly explore the town. When you walk about the grounds, you will feel like it is the miniature of Prague with its cobblestone streets and narrow alleys, with a lovely addition of a winding river. Dining by the river in late spring and summer is a must, somehow you will feel so at peace with the beautiful view right before your eyes.





Most of the restaurants with a river view are well, tourist traps, with many typical western food targeted to tourists who are probably not used to their Prague local delicacies. So we just picked one that looked reasonably pretty and wasn’t as crowded. It is called Bolero, and surprisingly, the food was pretty good. I loved my fried cheese, which was melty and gooey, just the way I love my cheese to be. And I have to confess, Český Krumlov beer is better than Pilsner. It is so smooth and creamy and not bitter.

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