Flowers in Spring

Spring is a beautiful season of new beginnings. I am still constantly amazed by the trilling of birds during the day, for during winter, you only hear dead silence. The trees and plant turn green, budding flowers blossom one after another. Azaleas are found everywhere in Japan in May, in varying shades of pink, red and white. Besides the bountiful azaleas, cherry blossoms and tulips, many other kinds of flowers too bloom in spring, and though I do not know their names, they are such a delight to look at. Unfortunately, I missed the wisteria season as I was in Europe then, but I will definitely catch it next year.

I haven’t seen this flower anywhere in Japan, but they were everywhere in Prague. Really pretty long purple blossoms.
There were tulips in Japan, but I didn’t manage to take a photo, so this is from my honeymoon in Europe. Český Krumlov, to be exact. It will be on my next post, so here’s a tiny teaser!

It is almost the end of spring, and summer is coming. But I’m sure there will be plenty more gorgeous flowers to see, and I know for sure, the streets will be teeming with my beloved ajisai (hydrangea). They are already starting to bloom!

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