Most Romantic Places in Prague

Prague is truly the city of romance. It is a perfect little city with a gorgeous gothic style bridge, a castle, uneven cobbled streets, winding alleys, intricately carved statues, beautiful old buildings, and not forgetting, horse carriages with splendid horses trotting on the pebbled pavements. I love the sounds their hooves make. The astronomical clock was under renovation when we went, unfortunately, but the city is still enchanting even without its signature clock.


Below are some of my romantic experiences that I think would be some great tips for couples seeking some romance in Prague!

Admire the whole of Prague from various vantage points

When you are at a summit overlooking the whole of Prague, the view is simply breathtaking. The brightly coloured orange tiled roofs surrounding this charming city make for a lovely visual pop against the grey cobbled streets.

View from the lookout gallery at the Old Town Hall
View from Prague Castle

Take a stroll on Charles Bridge together. In the day. At night. 

Prague is beautiful both in the day and at night, and I could walk on the bridge forever and not get sick of it. Charles Bridge in its gothic splendor, is the most beautiful arched bridge I have ever seen. In the day, there are always musicians playing on the bridge, so it is really wonderful to stroll along the bridge with lively music floating around the air. Beautifully lit at night, you can see the castle shimmering from the river horizons as you walk on the bridge.


Chill like the locals in Riegrovy Sady Hill

As we stayed in Vinohrady, we headed to Riegrovy Sady, which is a large hill overlooking the neighbourhood of Vinohrady, and you can see Prague castle at a distance too. There were so many locals just basking under the sun, and as I went during Spring, flowers were blooming everywhere, the weather was just right, not too cold and neither is it too hot. And the flowers are so beautiful against the backdrop of grand architecture. Spring is indeed the time of love.


Admire the various historic building styles in Prague

As I mentioned, there were many beautiful old buildings, and their different styles reflect the different ages the city had gone through, revealing the deep history of Prague. There is just something so incredibly romantic just walking along the streets and discovering new, beautiful buildings together.

Vinohrady Theatre (Baroque style)
Municipal House (Art Nouveau style)

But the most beautiful would be the St Vitus Cathedral. Beautiful both on the inside and the outside. Located in the castle complex, St. Vitus Cathedral is the biggest cathedral in Czech Republic. It is the grandest cathedral I have ever seen, and I went trigger happy with my camera when I saw all its stained-glass windows, glowing a psychedelic rainbow  where the sunlight streamed, casting a rosy hue to the painted walls around them.


Visit Golden Lane because it is so adorable

Of course, while you are at Prague Castle, be sure to visit Golden Lane. It is a small cute street consisting of small, brightly coloured houses which have been converted into souvenir shops.


Draw your Love Declaration at Lennon Wall

For an extra dash of romance for couples travelling to Prague, be sure to visit the Lennon Wall at Malá Strana! For the uninitiated, it is a wall full of graffiti, but people are actually encouraged to draw on the wall! So the first idea that popped up to my mind was of course, some romantic pledge to scribble on the wall. Though I am quite bad with it, all I came up with was, “Happy Honeymoon.” Maybe because I was too determined to write in my lousy Japanese, I couldn’t really think of anything else. But you get the gist. Go there and draw up sweet declarations of love. It is just at the end of Charles Bridge, at the castle end, so while making your way to castle, or after visiting the castle, it is very easy to swing by and flaunt your artistic side to your love!


Lock in your love at a love lock bridge

And we discovered a love lock bridge at Čertovka (Devil’s Stream), a little too late though, we didn’t go prepped with our love locks. Though, upon further research, it appears that the locks are regularly removed to preserve the structural integrity of the bridge, so it was not that much of an opportunity wasted.


Take a boat cruise through a picturesque canal, Čertovka

When you look beyond the colourful locks, you will see a large watermill and a curious-looking water goblin perched over a canal. This beautiful channel winding through historic houses and watermills is called Čertovka (Devil’s Stream). You can take a romantic boat cruise on this man-made stream to admire the medieval buildings of Prague and listen to the spinning of mills. Aptly nicknamed as little Prague Venice, this artificial river is like a mini Venice, which is almost every honeymooner’s dream.

Catch a Fabulous Sunset atop Riegrovy Sady Hill

Finally, don’t forget to catch the sunset together! This is at the top of Riegrovy Sady. As it is a less touristy area, it is filled with quite a few locals who actually have the time to watch sunsets together on weekday evenings. I am so envious of their lifestyle.

I will never forget this sunset, with the silhouette of a castle. I could spend an eternity watching it, and it will never get dull. And I’m sure the locals will agree with me.
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