Street food hunt in Togoshi Ginza Shotengai

Togoshi Ginza may be the longest shotengai (shopping street) in Tokyo at 1.3km, but what sets Togoshi Ginza apart from other shotengai in Tokyo is not just its length, but its appearance as well. There is a visible lack of utility poles here, making the street look uncluttered and more spacious.



The street is closed to cars from Monday to Saturday between 3:00pm and 6:00pm, and from 2:00pm to 7:00pm on Sundays and holidays. This move makes the street easy to walk about in when there are no cars passing by the narrow roads.

Say Hello to Gin-chan!

Togoshi Ginza shopping street is also interesting in that it has its own official mascot, Togoshi Ginjiro, or if you prefer a more affectionate term, Gin-chan. There are many Gin-chan statues scattered throughout the street, but there are three life-sized statues known as the 開運銀ちゃん (Gin-chan of Good Fortune) in particular you should look out for. They each hold a different coloured ball in their hands which will bless you if you rub the ball.

ラブリー銀ちゃん (Lovely Gin-chan) with the pink ball will bless you with sweet shojo-manga-like romance, ヘルシー銀ちゃん (Healthy Gin-chan) with the blue ball will put you in the pink of health, and ラッキー銀ちゃん (Lucky Gin-chan) with the gold ball will bestow you with good fortune.



ラブリー銀ちゃん (Lovely Gin-chan)
ヘルシー銀ちゃん (Healthy Gin-chan)
ラッキー銀ちゃん (Lucky Gin-chan)

And if you are very lucky, like I was (maybe because I had rubbed the gold ball), you might actually meet the actual Gin-chan in person. I even met Gin-chan’s neighbour, Osaki Ichibantaro, Osaki’s official mascot. Needless to say, kids were absolutely enamoured by these mascots, but even the adults are unable to escape their lively charm.


Now on to the highlight of the post. The food. Togoshi Ginza food street has so many street food to offer, and some of them are really interesting and delicious.

The Best Street Food in Togoshi Ginza Shotengai



My eyes led me to the first shop where there was a long queue. It may look like an ordinary sausage from afar, but it is actually a rice ball stick wrapped with chargrilled pork, an intriguing combination whereby the meat envelopes the rice, lending a smokey taste to the white rice. Besides take-out, the shop also has a restaurant inside for you to eat in.
Tontan | 炭火焼 とんたん

Where: 2-5-1 Togoshi, Shinagawa, Tokyo 142-0041
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 23:00 (L.O.22:00)


I have a weakness for crispy xiao long bao (chinese soup dumpling), I can never get enough of them. And this shop gets it right with an exquisitely thin wrapping that is charred just enough to give it a crispy crunch on your first bite. And beyond the paper-thin crackling exterior lies the rich warm broth that bursts in your mouth the moment you bite into it.

Ryuuki | 龍輝

Address: 2-6-4 Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 20:00




This shop is famous for its oden (one-pot winter dish) croquette, so I definitely had to buy one to try. Another quirky combination that turned out to be really delectable. Somehow they have captured the sheer goodness of oden broth within the meat inside the croquette. This shop also sells a variety of other street food, and I simply couldn’t resist a cheese hanpen (Japanese fishcake), as I love hanpen. Taking a bite of the crispy outer layer, and your mouth immediately fills with the fluffy cloud of a hanpen stuffed with gooey melted cheese. What’s there not to like about it?
Goto Kamabokoten|後藤蒲鉾店

Where: 2-6-8 Togoshi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 ; Closed on Tuesdays


If you love Japan for its kawaii (cute) food, you will not want to miss this shop. This doughnut shop sells doughnuts with various animal coating that are almost too cute to eat! And though they may look like they will give you a sugar high, they are actually not cloyingly sweet, and the doughnut is dense and crispy with just the perfect touch of a nutty aftertaste.

Floresta Togoshi Ginza | フロレスタ戸越銀座店

Where: 2-18-8 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00




And this is my absolute favourite. OkonomiTaiyaki, which is only available on Saturdays and Sundays, sounds like yet another queer mishmash that is actually a marvelous blend. Looking like a deceptively simple taiyaki on the outside, you will be pleasantly greeted by a detonation of complex flavours from the savoury okonomiyaki filling within. Unlike the usual taiyaki, this taiyaki is soft and fluffy like a pancake, and goes extremely well with the okonomiyaki filling that practically oozes out once you bite into the taiyaki. I am a big fan of okonomiyaki, and this doesn’t disappoint.
Omedetaiyaki Honpo | おめで鯛焼き本舗

Where: 2-13-8 Hiratsuka, Shinagawa 142-0051, Tokyo Prefecture
Opening Hours: 11:00 to 19:00
Holidays: Obon (mid August), end and beginning of the year

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Getting to Togoshi Ginza | 戸越銀座

Nearest stations:

  • 0 minute walk from Togoshi Ginza station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line

  • 2 minute walk form Togoshi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line

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4 thoughts on “Street food hunt in Togoshi Ginza Shotengai

  1. Had forgotten about your travel blog, seraphsun, but your reply to my comment reminded me of it, so I came back to take a peek. What a fun topic: street food! I have enjoyed especially, the street foods of Malaysia and certain cities in China, like Hong Kong and especially Kunming. Also Istanbul and Athens has great street food scenes. Never came across the Chinese item you mentioned, but looks delish. Also, was surprised that a Japanese item would have cheese in it as I thought the Japanese dislike cheese. The smoked pork rice thing looks yummy. Nice idea too to do a little video tour of it. Now, hungry, have to visit the refrigerator. 🙂

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog again! I think Japanese love cheese actually! They have cheese in many things they eat, and they love a good cheese fondue! The Chinese dumpling is an iconic street food in Shanghai, you should definitely give it a try some time!

      1. Welcome. yes I know, never been to Shanghai, but have attended banquets with entire platters of dumplings in Kunming, a southern Chinese city & even learned to make some of them… sometimes if lucky I can still find some in an enclave such as in Montreal.

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