Rokkakubashi Shotengai – Old school charm

Rokkakubashi Shotengai (六角橋商店街) is an old-fashioned shopping street based in Yokohama. While many other shotengai (shopping streets) in Tokyo have evolved with the times, Rokkakubashi stays true to its roots, evoking an old world ambiance in this area. You will not find many big chain shops here, but there are plenty of intriguing little shops for you to check out. Apparently, there are many regular events held at this shotengai on Saturdays and Sundays, but I went on a weekday, so bummer for me.

I’m not sure if this is a shop, but it does write “wasabi snack”, so I guess it’s safe to assume it is a shop. I love the quirky look.

Rokkakubashi Shotengai is reminiscent of the Showa (1926-1989) days in its look and feel, in particular the covered Rokkakubashi Fureaidori (六角橋ふれあい通り). You will be able to spot Rokkakubashi Fureaidori as you wander down the street and notice some very striking entrances.


Once inside, you will feel like you have stepped back in time, with many charming little shops in between groceries, butchers and fishmongers.

This is a close up of what the 小籠包 (xiao long bao / chinese soup dumpling) shop above is selling. Only in Spring, cheese and honey filled xiao long bao with cranberry topping. Erm, sounds kind of strange to me.
This florist is really adorable.
Close up of the potted plants. The smiley-faced pots!

I was going to have lunch at this area with a friend, and we decided on soba. I didn’t take note of the shop name, but well, it’s near the start of the street and the shop has a vending machine outside for you to choose your order before you enter. I chose a cold soba tempura set as I very much prefer cold soba over hot soba. The soba isn’t exactly memorable, but it is a huge portion (I almost couldn’t finish) and it only costs ¥700 as a set together with seafood and vegetable tempura. The squid tempura was the best, it was big, fat and juicy.


Nearest stations:

  • Hakuraku station (Tokyu Toyoko Line), West Exit. One minute walk from the exit, turn left at first corner to reach the street.
  • 1.5km away from Kishine-Koen Station (Yokohama Municipal Subway Blue Line)
  • 1.8km away from Higashi-Kanagawa Station (JR Keihin-Tohoku/Negishi Line)


  • Third Saturdays (April to October, except August)
    Dokkiri Yami Ichiba (Night Flea Market)
  • First Sundays (March to November, except July and August)
    Umaimono Ichi (Yummy Foods Market) by Lady’s Association
  • August
    Pro Wrestling at Shotengai

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