Tokyo Character Street – For All Anime Fans

Tokyo Character Street at Tokyo Station may only be just one shopping lane, but it is filled with plenty of anime and other famous character merchandise guaranteed to make any otaku shopper blissful. There were official shops of famous characters, such as Snoopy, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, and Pokemon. There were other shops that sold currently popular anime merchandise and basically gave me a kind of high I have never had before shopping in this street. I love anime, and watch both shojo and shonen anime, so this place was practically a mini-heaven for me.

For Hello Kitty fanatics, there is the Hello Kitty Shop, with some items that can only be found in Tokyo (Nowhere else! What are you waiting for?).




Miffy lovers are not neglected as well, for there is Miffy Style all for you.



Snoopy has its own official store too, Snoopy Town Mini. I think Snoopy is low-key famous worldwide, it’s everywhere in Singapore and Japan. Kyoto itself also has a Snoopy store, and there is a Snoopy cafe in Orchard.



And of course, Pokemon Store filled with Pikachu products from costumes, facial masks to food. And of course, the Station Master Pikachu can only be found here and nowhere else.



And Rilakkuma Store for Rilakkuma lovers! Amongst all these popular characters, I do like Rilakkuma the most, because it looks so mopey. Which is really lucky for me for the Rilakkuma store is the biggest amongst all these official stores.


Sakura season brings out sakura edition stuff.


And this official Studio Ghibli shop, Donguri Republic, is one for Studio Ghibli fans. You can find stuff from Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery service… and their merchandise is just like their films, exquisitely whimsical wth incredible quality.



Surprisingly, Doraemon doesn’t have its own official store. But you can still find Doraemon items in the TV ASAHI Shop. I find the Doraemon-shaped bottle really adorable.



Of course, besides these world famous characters there are also many other character goods you can find, and yes, Naruto items are on sale! Unfortunately, they cover only a small section in the Jump Shop, which is Shonen Jump’s official merchandise shop, selling all Jump manga like Naruto, Dragonball, Bleach, One Piece, Tokyo Ghoul, etc.


I chanced upon Re: Zero items at a random shop, and I was quite thrilled to see them, especially Beatrice, she is my favourite character from Re: Zero.


I was also quite surprised to find Yuri!!! on ICE, I didn’t know it is this popular in Japan. I didn’t watch it, though it is a BL (Boys Love) show which I’m a fan of (#noshame). But it is also a sports anime, and well, I’m just not that into sports. Now where is Junjou Romantica. Ok that is probably too gay to be mainstream.


A special mention to this character, Cinamoroll. Yes, it is devastatingly adorable, but also because the store was apparently half-closed when I was browsing through the items (no wonder I thought the shop looked kind of too bare for the cute character). When I returned two hours later, it was as if the shop had never existed. The efficiency of Japanese.


There was a Disney pop-up store, Disney Blooming Nakanishi, when I was there, so I dropped in and found that whilst the items may be pretty, they were pretty expensive too. Like 3000 yen for the Disney Princess handkerchiefs below! For those who are interested though, the shop runs from 16 February to 30 May.



Finally, my favourite store, Character Beauty Shop. This is a cosmetics shop, but most of its cosmetic products are Sailor Moon makeup and skincare products, so it is really close to heart for me. Sailor Moon was my first anime, and I absolutely loved it. I used to have many Sailor Moon stickers and cards. I think I even had a Sailor Moon sticker album.





So, here it is, Tokyo Character Street in a nutshell. Do watch my video above to check out more of Tokyo Character Street! ❤

Getting to Tokyo Character Street: From Tokyo Station, the nearest exit will be Yaesu North Exit. Once you have exited, go downstairs to level B1.

Opening hours: 10:00 – 20:30 daily


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