Captivating Nature

Having gone through the different seasons in Japan has really led me to fall in love with nature. Its beauty is unrivaled to any men’s creations. While I am only just starting my first true experience of spring, and waiting for the famous sakura (cherry blossoms) to bloom, some flowers are starting to peek through the stark branches after the dead of winter, and their pale beauty is as gentle as I imagine spring to be.

The pale pink ume (plum) blossoms bloom just before the cherry blossoms.
Mitsumata is a pretty flower with an interesting use. It is one of the ingredients used to make banknotes.

With summer comes the arrival of green trees and grass, something I never quite appreciated until I spent a few months without the greenery around me. Of course, not forgetting the captivating herald of summer, one of my favourite flowers, ajisai (hydrangeas).

The summer beauties. Ajisai, or hydrangeas, as they are known in English.
There are many types of hydrangeas, but these are the ones I find most captivating.



The famed Arashimaya bamboo grove in Kyoto
Autumn in its fiery magnificence.


Just look at these vividly coloured blooms!
This is my favourite picture in my autumn collection. Red maple leaves floating in a stone bowl of still water.
Somehow caught sight of sakura-lookalikes in winter, and had to take a picture with them.

Finally, not forgetting, my first snow experience. Absolutely blown away by the soft, pure-white flakes. While unfortunately there wasn’t enough snow to capture its true beauty, I was simply contented to be able to finally touch my first snowflake.


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5 thoughts on “Captivating Nature

  1. Beautiful pics of the flowers and I especially like that shade of green in the bamboo grove. We only see that shade of green here for about 3 weeks in May. 🙂

    1. Thank you! I have not been in Japan long enough so I’m not sure when I will be able to see this shade of green!

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