Only for Seafood Lovers – Kanazawa Eats

My meals in Kanazawa deserve to be dedicated a separate post because they are just that good. While you definitely must not miss trying this wonderful korokke (Japanese croquette) in the Higashi Chaya District in Kanazawa, Kanazawa, due to its proximity to the sea, is actually known for its incredibly fresh seafood, so basically it is paradise for seafood lovers like me.

Eating hand-made sushi in Sushi Reki Reki

First up, sushi course in Sushi Reki Reki (鮨 歴々) at Kanazawa Station. Their omakase (the chef chooses what to serve) set of 8 pieces is 2,300 JPY (excl. tax) and comes with 8 nigirizushi (hand-made sushi) pieces and makisushi rolls, as well as miso soup. Which is incredibly cheap for such high quality sushi. And I even received an additional free nigirizushi from the chef! Bae said it was probably because the chef thought I was kawaii. Haha. The chef will first serve you light-tasting sushi, and the taste of the sushi becomes gradually heavier on the palate.

First up, tai (sea bream). The tai was soft, tender and sweet, it tasted like the calm ocean.
Aji (Horse mackerel) – it was sprinkled with a dash of lemon, which was even softer than tai, and melted in my mouth instantly.
Kanpachi (Greater yellowtail) was firmer and slightly chewy.
Shio ika (Salted squid) – the squid was sweet but with the salt sprinkled on top, it creates a wonderful blend of salty sweetness, with an interesting texture from the rough salt against the smooth squid.
Sawara takaki (Spanish mackerel) – “tataki” means seared, so you can taste both the soft sweetness of the raw fish and saltiness of the slightly crispy skin.
Buri (Yellowtail) – soft and kind of salty.
Bai gai (Japanese ivory shell/Japanese babylon shell) with salt and lemon – very firm and crunchy, the texture is totally different from our gong gong (Pearl conch) in Singapore.
Aburi Tataki – a little grilled on the surface, soft and savory, the taste is rather strong, enveloping the whole mouth.
Amaebi (Sweet shrimp) – as all good amaebi should be, soft and sweet.
Maguro Otzuke (Tuna soaked in shoyu sauce) – a burst of sweetness and saltiness all at once in the mouth.
Makimono (Kanpyomaki : dried gourd roll) – sweet and slightly crunchy.
Nodoguro (Blackthroat seaperch) – very salty and crunchy.
Sushi Reki Reki (鮨 歴々)

Address: Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanazawa, 木ノ新保町1−1

Opening hours : 11am – 10pm

 Tel : 076-254-5539

Grilling Seafood at Kawabata Sengyo

Another shop that left a deep impression was a random shop we came across, which was absolutely packed with people waiting in line. We actually went to another shop for some snacks first before returning when the crowd thinned. It is Kawabata Sengyo (川端鮮魚店), and the barbecued clams were AMAZING. Super fresh.

We ordered an oden (one pot simmered dish) to go with our barbecued food as it was so cold.
Giant clam, mega delicious.
Seemingly sprinkling magic in the background, like a recent famous Turkish chef.

Kawabata Sengyo (川端鮮魚店)

Address : 2 Chome-2-20, 片町 Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture 920-0981

Opening hours : 5 – 10pm

Tel : 076-222-3757

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