A Bride’s Glow

Every bride will have her dream gown, her dream wedding. But while every bride may not be able to get her ideal gown or wedding, every bride will still radiate happiness, because, over any glittering tiaras and crystal beadings on the gown, what she looks forward to the most is her future with her beloved, which is the celebration of it on their wedding day. So, a bride will always have a radiant glow about her, it is not just the makeup and the gown she is wearing, it is the love and bliss that positively surges from her very being. I wish this glow will stay with me always. And I can’t just wait for all the photos to be ready!

Photo Credit: KW Studio Photography

Here’s also a sneak peek to my photoshoot in Japan! We shot the traditional ones in Sankeien Garden, a really spacious Japanese-style garden perfect for traditional wedding photoshoot. While shooting our photos we also bumped into a few couples shooting in the area, so I guess this must be a pretty popular wedding photoshoot location for Tokyoites. June is the season of ajisai (hydrangeas), and I love ajisai, so DH selected Sankeien Garden for it has several beautiful ajisai spots and is nearer to where he lives.

As we took our photos in June on a fine day, it was unbearably hot, especially dressed in a heavy furisode (formal kimono for young women, distinguishable by its long sleeves) with weighed like a rock. I was soaking wet by the end of the day. It didn’t help that though appearing to look loose and comfortable on the outside, the inner garments were actually bound almost as tight as a corset dress. Also, you can only barely shuffle your feet in a kimono, which made climbing of stairs a really arduous feat. I never knew wearing a kimono could bring so much pain. But there is no beauty without pain, and I am absolutely in love with how the photos turned out. I look like a bona fide Japanese bride, don’t I?

We also had a western-style photoshoot in the studio, for one whole day of being out in the hot sun is too much to bear, particularly for DH, who works in the constant whir of aircon. Luckily we had this extra shoot, for I forgot to bring the omamori (Japanese amulet) we bought for our marriage to incorporate into the Sankeien photoshoot. Also, I got to style my hair like Rapunzel, with flowers in my braid. ❤

Japanese amulets are so adorable, this marriage omamori is made to look like the groom and the bride traditional outfits.


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