Discovering Kinosaki – Onsen eggs

After one day of soaking in onsets and feeling utter refreshed from our ryokan stay, we were able to use our restored energy to explore the rest of this pretty little town. I noticed a ropeway at the end of the town and we made our way there, taking in the beautiful and serene sights around us.


This town is scattered with flowers, beautiful flowers at every doorstep.



The ropeway goes all the way up to Mount Taishi (大師山). As it had been quite a fair bit of walk, and we still had to climb up a hill to the ropeway station, we took a short respite at the front of Onsenji temple gate located at the foot of the mountain.

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There is a small cafe that sells some food and onsen tamago (温泉卵 “hot spring egg”). It was the first time I had seen how onset eggs were traditionally made, and certainly made for an unforgettable experience. The egg was also one of the freshest I had eaten, and I actually had it plain. What is interesting about an onsen egg is that it is the reverse of a half-boiled egg. Instead of a cooked egg white and uncooked yolk, you will get an uncooked egg white and cooked yolk with the onsen egg preparation. The egg white is soft and silky and the egg yolk is firm but custardy, retaining the texture and deep rich colour of a raw egg yolk.

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Finally, we were recharged and climbed up the stairs to the ropeway station. The ropeway stops at two staions, the Onsenji Station (温泉寺駅) and the Mountain Top Station (山頂駅). There are both round-trip tickets and one-way tickets. We were too tired to hike and just simply purchased the round-trip tickets for the mountain-top station at 900 yen.

This cute metal device or what they call the egg-cutter removes the top of the egg shell so that you can savour your egg with a spoon.

At the summit there is an observation deck from which one can have a breathtaking panoramic view of the Kinosaki town as well as Maruyama River and Sea of Japan. This view is awarded one star in the Michelin Green Guide in Japan as spectacular view, and it certainly deserves that one star.

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