My Memories with SRJC

To learn that my school was merging, was surprisingly, difficult for me. Don’t get me wrong, I had beautiful times with it, and some of my best friends have graduated from the very same school with me. It’s just that as I have graduated from it, I have never once looked back. I have never gone back to see my teachers, whom I owe so much to. I have simply moved on. For I was never one with great empathy, I surmise.

And perhaps, I have just assumed it will always be around, I had simply taken it for granted. Now that I reflect on it, I realised that so many of my best and happiest moments are with SRJC. It was where I have affirmed and expanded my love for English and Literature, and met many like-minded souls with whom I’m still connected to now. We have had many fun times coming up with literature plays and performances, and I feel blessed for so many cherished memories. Our literature teachers are passionate about their art, and have passed on their love and enthusiasm to most, if not all of us. Ms Rosalind Gurupatham Jeyamone, definitely, was one of them, a teacher so dedicated to her art and teaching despite her pain and suffering, she still endeavoured each day to teach us the appreciation of literature, and inspired other teachers to do the same.

The only group photo I have left of my Literature class. Can you find me??

And one very precious memory for me was the opportunity to have an educational tour with our literature teachers who brought us to England, a land of authors and poets, an inspirational and beautiful country which I have always loved, for I fancied myself in anglophile. To be in the country of my dreams, and to learn more of its literary history, from the birthplace of Shakespeare to the home of Charles Dickens, I felt pretty much like an ardent fan who got the chance to meet their favourite celebrity. It was a dream come true. And of course, this magical land made my mind work and my pen ink flow. Now I understand how it came to be the land of writers, for it truly is a place of inspiration, with it beautiful landscape and rich history. And all this, I owe to the teachers of SRJC, who gave us the chance to see the world and enrich our horizons.

At the castle. I still remember the castle walls felt cool despite the summer heat. In case anyone was wondering, I hadn’t had braces yet in JC, so I had a bit of a buck teeth then. =B
Whitby Abbey, the haunting inspiration for Bram Stoker’s gothic tale of ‘Dracula’.
Looks like a peek into a secret garden.
I could sit on the bench all day.
Angels movingly captured on stained glass.
There is just something so beautifully poignant about this picture. 
I had fancied myself as a mermaid during this shot! XD

I wish I had more photos of my time with SRJC, but I know, even without them, the memories will always be with me. These memories will be a part of my identity, and while my JC will no longer be around, I know the spirit of it still lives on in all us SRJCians. SRJC all for you, your call is ours too.

And I guess, it would be best soon, for me to visit it a last time, to bid this wonderful place a final farewell.


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