Ocean Park – Marine Marvels (SBTS)

It’s been a while since I updated mainly because my Internet had been down and also because of my work. But I’m back! Finally!

When I went to Ocean Park to film for Science Behind The Scream, the focus was mainly on the animals and education on the conservation of these beautiful creatures. So I only got to ride on two rides, The Flash and Hair Raiser. They were both fun in their own ways, but Hair Raiser is faintly more thrilling with its top speed of 88km/h and being so near to the South China Sea that at times it felt like we were at the edge of a cliff and plummeting into the sea. Wheeeee.

Although it was a pity I couldn’t try out other rides, I loved the old school carnival style of Ocean Park, especially the big clownish mouth entrance of Hair Raiser. Of course, since I am avid lover of National Geographic, it was a marvel to be able to witness the magnificence of the animals surrounding me, particularly dolphins, since I had always wanted to see them in real life. Dolphins are such beautiful, intelligent creatures.

Me pointing at a dolphin statue covered with moss.
The closest I got to a dolphin XD

Though, bearing in mind of the recent Silverback Gorilla Harambe’s incident, these animals, however beautiful and intelligent they may be, they still belong to the wild. You can take them out of the wild, but you can never take the wild out of them. It is definitely tragic that such a rare animal is lost forever, but I believe we will all learn a lesson from it. Whether he really meant to harm the child or he was protecting the child, we will never know ( I was quite befuddled, as there were instances of him treating the child tenderly, but the dragging of the kid as if he were just a rag doll, well when I saw that I was pretty much horrified). I think they likely pulled the trigger because of the way he dragged the child about (which is highly likely just his way of pulling his hand to pull him up to safety), it could have caused serious injuries to the kid.

I don’t believe the child’s mother was at fault, I have been lost in a shopping centre before when I was a kid, it wasn’t due to my mom’s negligence she’s a great mom, but there will definitely always be a time when a child can just slip away from a parent in the blink of an eye, especially for a parent who has to take care of several children. The zoo on the other hand, should really look into the barrier between humans and animals, because ultimately, we all have our own territories that we belong to. Trespassing causes tension and might lead to violence if handled incorrectly. If the barrier had really been adequate, how could a child slip in so easily? So zoos should really start to examine how to strengthen the barriers between animals and us to prevent the future occurrence of such a devastating loss.

Oh well, enough of that incident, because I don’t really think there is a black and white to this anyway. Everyone has their own idea on who’s right and who’s wrong, the blame game never really ends. Moving on, I was blown away by the massive dome of the Grand Aquarium. At 5.5 metres wide, it is the largest dome in the world! I definitely felt like Ariel underneath the dome that weaved shimmering blue watery light into the grounds. I almost broke into ‘Part of Your World’ rendition, but stopped myself just in time. My mind was still singing though. I had a great time prancing around under the dome, pretending I was swimming with a gorgeous tail.

I wish I had more time to cover more rides, but filming in Hong Kong was so hectic as I had to film three episodes including the first two Disneyland ones so there definitely wasn’t time to explore other rides out of filming. But I did have a visual feast with all the majestic animals showcasing their sheer beauty to me.

Me hugging a shark mascot.
The only shark I will ever dare to hug.
Me taking selfie with a panda mascot.
Selfie with a panda.

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