Lihpao Land and the World’s Only Tilt Coaster (SBTS)

The episode of me in Lihpao Land featured some pretty epic screams. Lihpao Land is a theme park in Taichung,  central Taiwan. While it isn’t very big and fancy with dazzling LED lights, it has a local, rustic charm. Most of the visitors were Taiwanese, but there were some tourists who have probably heard of its name due to the one and only tilt rollercoaster in the world which is located in Lihpao itself, Gravity Max.

Pretending to be scared with Popa in front of Gravity Max entrance.
I don’t know why it’s called Travel Fox here, but it’s actually the jaw-dropping Gravity Max.

Gravity Max – The Only Tilt Rollercoaster in the World

Gravity Max has received the accolade of being one of the scariest rollercoasters in the world by several blogs. It is 39 metres high and has a 90 degree vertical tilt and once you are tilted, you have to endure a pretty long terrifying wait facing the ground (I haven’t actually counted it, but it’s probably more than 15 seconds) before you drop. Having tried it both at the front and the back ends, I give the verdict that the back is a whole lot scarier, because it is so much farther away from the ground. If I had taken on the challenge sitting at the back, I would have lost. I practically screamed my head off from when the coaster just started tilting all the way till it made its sharp descent.

Me standing in front of Gravity Max track.
See the disconnected track? That’s how it looks like before the coaster makes the tilt that connects the tracks together.

Other Great Rides in LihPao Land

It was definitely one of my favourite rides though Galactic Spin was a close second as it was just somehow a really fun, carefree spinning ride. Energy Storm, the one which I ‘practised’ my pretty embarrassing five kinds of screams before trying, was a little too much for my head which its endless twirls and whirls.

One ride that was unexpectedly fun was Crown Swinger. While it may be a kids’ ride without the heart-racing thrills of other rides in Lihpao, it was a beautiful, enchanting ride with the shimmer of lights adorning it in the darkness of the night. I did feel rather like a fairy perched on a swing that spun around a magical glowing tree.

Me holding hands with Popa in front of Volcano Adventure, a boat ride featuring a long slide down a fake volcano.
Lihpao’s mascot, Popa, who is very popular with kids. We are often stopped by his mini fans who want to take a photo with him. No one wants to take a photo with me. T_T

Supper in Fengjia Night Market

When I was in Taichung, we managed to end our filming early, so we made our way down to Fengjia Night Market! Having been to Taipei once and ventured around some of their famous night markets, I found that I wasn’t quite enamoured by Taipei’s street food. To me, they were usually too greasy, especially when compared with Japanese street food. But Taichung’s street food somehow was much more delicious than Taipei’s street food.

Crowded Fengjia Night Market at night.
Fried mini crabs in Fengjia Night Market.
The first thing we munched on. Mini crabs!
Young man grilling a large slab of beef.
Grilled Beef ❤
Woman holding a yellow duck-shaped cotton candy at the cotton candy stall while a man makes a pink cotton candy.
I wanted to try this but was rather shy as I was with a bunch of guys (director, cameraman, soundman – all men). But ain’t these cotton candy cute! ~\^0^/~
Me and cameraman and sandman in the midst of the bustling Fengjia Night Market.
Me and my cute crew. Look at the crowd behind us!

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