Adventure Cove WaterPark – Sea the Wonder (SBTS)

This episode of ‘Science Behind The Scream’ didn’t require me to travel out of Singapore. Adventure Cove Waterpark is located in Resorts World Sentosa. Since it is a water theme park, I figured that there would be lots of water rides of course, but what I didn’t expect was the interaction I would have with the creatures of the sea.

Snorkelling in Rainbow Reef was particularly memorable. Rainbow Reef is aptly named indeed, there were a myriad of species of fish inside, each brilliantly coloured as ocean fishes often are. I have always been fascinated by wild animals, be they land or sea animals. So I was definitely excited to have the opportunity to swim amongst fishes. What struck me was the soundlessness of the water as I dived in, it was perfectly silent, almost surreal. For a moment I felt a little like a mermaid, but well, sadly, I couldn’t swim. I wished I had strived on finishing my swimming lessons in the past, no matter how dark my skin turned, but ah well, my vanity was so strong even as a kid back then. Back to the fishes. My fingers tried to reach out to them, but of course, they wouldn’t even come close to me, knowing that I am a mere intruder, trespassing their sacred territory.

Me posing in front of fishes in Rainbow Reef.

Next was the feeding of the stingrays at the Ray Bay. They were surprisingly smooth to touch, and undeniably adorable as they placed their sucker-like mouths on my legs to beg for food. Though not forgetting they are still very strong, I really had to maintain my balance while feeding them. I really feel very blessed to have the chance to have such a close contact with marine creatures instead of just watching them onscreen, magnificent and fragile as they are.

As for the rides, while the ride, Riptide Rocket, that I did my challenge in was fun, there was one other ride that I played which didn’t make it to the final cut of the show, but left a deep impression on me. Duelling Racer. It is one of those rides that require you to plunge face first into the water. I had always been reluctant to try out this kind of water ride on my own, because sliding down headfirst had always seemed kind of intimidating to me. But I did it for filming, and it was a really great adrenaline rush!

Holding a float provided by Adventure Cove Waterpark.
By the way, I took quite a few takes to get the one which I smoothly popped myself on the float for the Adventure River scene. Oftentimes I missed and landed smack on the water, much to the amusement of the the crew.

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