HK Disneyland – Never too old to wish upon a Star (SBTS)

First of all, I have to say this. I love love love theme parks, especially sitting on rollercoasters. So I prayed really hard to get this filming stint and my dream came true. Best job of my life. Science Behind The Scream is a kids infotainment show that teaches children the science and technology behind the theme park rides. As the selected host, I was to explore each theme park and take the rides while explaining the science and technology behind them.

I really felt very honoured to be able to enter the theme parks before they open. So clean and crisp, all of them, in the morning. Hong Kong Disneyland was especially well-maintained, being a world-class theme park.  Fortunately, clear blue skies served as a beautiful backdrop for the first day of filming in the park.

Mickey-shaped garden landscaping in front of a European-style building.
Mickey Mouse greeted me with a happy smile as I entered Disneyland!
Empty street leading towards Sleeping Beauty Castle.

It was really a dream come true for me to be able to visit Disneyland. I had always wanted to visit Disneyland ever since I knew of its existence as a kid, being an avid fan of Disney, especially Disney princesses. Hong Kong was my first overseas stop in this science/theme park-themed travelogue, and I felt like a child again, reliving my childhood fantasies of being a Disney princess in Disneyland. I was familiar with most of the songs in Disneyland, and the music served to cast a spell of enchantment over the entire theme park, creating a world entirely of its own. Disney world. I was momentarily transported to another dimension, where animals could speak and even sing, and happy endings waited for us at the end of our adventurous journeys.

Me sitting on a wooden horse in Cinderella Carousel.
Me sitting next to Cinderella on a carriage in the carousel.
Cinderella and me. Fun trivia: When I was a kid, I was jokingly called “Sinpeirella” because of my small feet.
Standing in front of It's a Small World castle with Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald.
The sky might have been overcast, but with these bright characters by my side, I felt I was walking on a rainbow.

It also helped that it was Christmas period, and my birthday was in the Christmas month, so it was like a Christmas and birthday gift for me. I always loved the fact that my birthday is so close to Christmas. There is just something magical about Christmas lights. So Disney and Christmas, double the magic. And the cold! Now if only there were some snowflakes to complete the Christmas spirit.

Me posing in front of the rainbow-lit Christmas tree at night.
The rainbow Christmas tree was a magificent sight to behold.

I think I shall share my favourite ride in all the theme parks I went so that if you haven’t gone yet, you can check these rides out. What is your favourite ride in HK Disneyland? Most of the rides were mainly for kids, but the one ride unique to HK Disneyland took my breath away with its speed and beauty. Mystic Manor. Weren’t you blown away by the special effects? I truly felt like I was in a realistic gaming world (I was a gamer lol)!

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