Road Trip in Melbourne

Half a year since I updated this blog. I really meant to write about my Australia trip before my Hand In Hand drama, but right after the trip I got too involved in the preparation of the drama that I can only write about my holiday now. The memories have become rather blurred, but the feeling of freedom and sheer relaxation is deeply imprinted in me. Yes, my road trip in Melbourne was simply liberating. I only got my driving license not too long ago but I was able to drive down long stretches of roads with rolls of grass on either side of me, dotted with grazing sheep and cows, it was pure serenity. Almost zero traffic, just smooth long hours of driving. Australian drivers are rather like The Flash, and my heart almost always leapt out of my chest whenever giant vehicles whizzed past me, but in general driving in a relaxing countryside is unadulterated bliss. If Australia is this good, I can only imagine how much more tranquil New Zealand would be. While it had been gruelling to drive for 4 hours to reach The Twelve Apostles just to state an example, the scenery was more than sufficient as a reward for me.


Some really awesome places I visited that left a deep impression on me were The Nobbies at Phillip Island and The Twelve Apostles.

It was terribly cold and it didn’t help that there was a slight drizzle at the Nobbies. The wind whipped the stinging cold rain into our faces but we were determined to explore the whole of the Nobbies to witness the beautiful crashing blue waves. Why are the waters such a gorgeous shade of turquoise at certain parts of the Nobbies I wonder?




Trying to look mysterious with the rainwater pelting my face isn't easy.
Trying to look mysterious with the rainwater pelting my face was no easy feat.
Also in Phillips Island - Feeding kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. How cute!
Also in Phillip Island – Feeding kangaroo with a joey in her pouch. How cute!

Next up is The Twelves Apostles. A sight not to be missed if you are visiting Melbourne because the limestone apostles are dwindling over the years due to erosion. Sparkling azure blue waters. I really love the beach when it is cool and windy. Only then I am a beach person.




The sun was shining into my eyes soexcuse the squinty look.
The sun was shining into my eyes so excuse the squinty look.

The last two places have no waters. But brightly coloured flowers and fresh fruits grow in abundance. They are Aloywn Gardens in Yarra Valley and Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Gardens in Mornington Peninsula. And what is cool is that you can taste the fruits in the gardens as well!








It's a tomato!
It’s a gourd-shaped tomato!

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