Spring Cleaning with Love

Spring cleaning before Lunar New Year is always a terribly dull routine, yet it can be peppered with little snippets of pleasant surprises if one is diligent is their work.  These days, my free time is allocated to the clearing of junk in my room. Incessant nagging tear at my ears as my hands work numbly over each object. I think I have hoarded little mountains of unnecessary items over the years. Each year I take a look at the stuff my mother wanted me to throw, and each year I simply clung on to the idea that I might eventually have a use for them. As they always say, what is out of fashion now will be in trend again. How about this book? I haven’t read it in ages, but there might be one day when I might just pick it up again. I never know if I may ever refer to these notes again, so I better keep them just in case.

Somehow this year I have stopped being so much of a hoarder. I sorted out more things to throw than any other previous years, and I can’t help but be slightly proud of myself (My mother was even more proud). My room looks slightly less cluttered, and the remaining items on my shelves seem to be more at ease with each other. After all they have more breathing space.

There are still some things though, that I no longer have any use for, but their sentimental value is just too immense for me to part with them. And these are the little things that never fail to bring a smile to my face when I rummage through my belongings every year. The other days of the year they may lay in a box, forgotten like little dust bunnies. But there will be one day of the year where I will take them out and reminisce all the wonderful memories that flood back to me. Letters and cards from my loved ones, old photos, my childhood collection of cards (I just found them in a random bag. Mostly all Sailormoon cards. My childhood fave anime).

What I love the most are reading the little notes left by my friends for me over the years and seeing how much we have grown from those years. Friends may come and go, but their cards for me I will always keep. They are the evidence of their imprints they left in my life even though we may have grown apart. But of course, those friends who I’m still close to, their cards I hold even more dear. I giggle and smile at the fond and often funny memories I derive from their cards and letters. This quote below is perfect to summarise my feelings on reading the wacky stuff my friends wrote to me.

“Tis the privilege of friendship to talk nonsense, and to have her nonsense respected.”
― Charles LambThe Life, Letters and Writings of Charles Lamb

A pair of hands cupping yellow blossoms.
Photo by annie pm on Unsplash
Spring cleaning is like gardening. The little notes from my friends are the flowers that bloom each year in my hands.

Top image by annca from Pixabay.

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