Doppelganger effect

So I woke to a message with a picture attachment today and clicked on it, only to find that I was staring at myself in Today online. My doppelganger from China, one of artist Yang Fudong’s photo subjects. I have no idea who she is, but in my groggy state, I was utterly convinced for a moment I was looking at myself and wondering why I was photoshopped into another person’s body. Upon closer inspection there are some differences, thank heavens I do not have a twin separated from birth.

Speaking of doppelganger though, it is supposed to be a bad omen to see one, it could even be the personification of death itself. Rather spooky fact for such a cool phenomenon. I guess it is probably brought about by sense of anxiety we feel upon seeing our own selves not reflected by the mirror or in ancient times, lake. I myself did feel slightly uneasy when I first saw the picture. Why do we feel so anxious upon seeing our doppelgangers though? Is it because we feel that we are no longer unique? Little wonder twins are always trying to emphasize their differences. Everyone believes they are the one and only individual in this universe. To realize that there is someone in the world who looks almost exactly like you and yet not share the same genes is just too much for us to handle. So we decide that our carbon copies are evil because we are the good ones. We are after all, the centre of our universe, the lead of our own show. How can anyone threaten our position with our own world? Ok maybe it’s just self-centred little me. But I’m sure some would agree.

Death playing golf with a skull as lighting strikes on a pole crowded with skulls.
Image by Dieterich01 on Pixabay

Our living counterparts already make us uncomfortable. How about supernatural doubles? I think I would definitely pass out of I ever see my doppelganger apparition, especially if it spoke to me. But I have actually seen doppelganger shadows of some of my family members when I was a kid, believe it or not. What exactly is doppelganger shadow? Well, something I made up ever since I found out about the term ‘doppelganger’. Though in folklore doppelgangers are not supposed to have shadows, these wraiths are a little different in that they manifest as just shadows or silhouettes of actual humans. I write like as if there is an actual definition of doppelganger shadows. Anyway I only saw the shadowed version of my family member.  Lucky for me they did not bring any bad luck to my family. Shall not comment anymore on them, since they are not all good, and it is rather scary to even recall this experience. -_-

Today magazine featuring a black and white photoshoot of short-haired girl wearing a floral dress sitting on stairs, as she gazes plaintively off into the distance.
Hey I appeared on Today Online! …Wait, nope but we do share some similarities!
Me with short hair and blunt bangs, all wrapped in sweater sitting in a taxi in Tokyo.
My ‘Find The Wasabi’ hairstyle in case some of you still don’t see the resemblance. Ok, I purposely turned the photo to black and white for a sense of nostalgia much like the picture above, but still!

Top image by KELLEPICS on Pixabay.

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