Dancing for Charity

I had actually been stressing out about my dance performance for President’s Star Charity as I didn’t have any formal dance background and am only currently learning dances at random places on and off when I get the time. Further, my utmost lack of flexibility has always been the source of ridicule by others. Hell I can’t even bend to reach my toes. Also, while each rehearsal is pretty long, lasting about 3 to 4 hours, the total amount of rehearsals we had up to the point of the performance can be counted by one hand. I did spend time practising on my own, but it never felt enough. My timing was always off; I always executed each step wrongly.

At the beginning, I always felt distraught after each practice, thinking the worst. Like, what would happen if I forget all the steps on the actual day? How would the audience react at my clumsiness? It’s a group performance, so if I didn’t do well, the whole dance would look bad as well, so I also didn’t want to let my teammates down.

But I was really fortunate in that I managed to speak to a sweet friend about my troubles and her advice gave me renewed strength to continue my rehearsals with passion.

I quote her:

What’s most important at the end of the day is that you did it for a good cause. Remember to enjoy the journey and the process of learning. Even if you danced really beautifully but forget the reason to why you are performing in the first place it is pointless.

We will never be good enough or what people term as best, because our and others’ expectations of us will only grow as we improve. So how good is good? Everyone has a different perspective. What matters is you’ve tried my best and didn’t let yourself down.

I have to admit, my performance was far from flawless on Sunday, but what’s precious was I enjoyed every second of it (guess it also helps that I actually liked the songs from SNSD), and that it was my contribution to charity. Thank you to all who enjoyed our rendition of SNSD dance and donated your hard-earned money. Spreading love and care is a straight route to personal happiness. Bless you all!!!

Ending of I Got A Boy by SNSD ❤

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