Find The Wasabi FINALE

The final episode of Find The Wasabi leaves me in a state of lament and nostalgia. Firstly, why lament? I have to say, my glorious moment of being a talented ninja in the making was not aired. This certainly leaves a bitter taste. There was a particularly breathtaking moment whereby I had my eyes closed and the ninja was about to strike my head. But once I felt a presence above me, I immediately moved my defense weapon up above my head. And successfully intercepted a blow. I would like to think that I’m not boasting, but I did successively block three hits on my head. All with my eyes closed. And I couldn’t even hear the swish of the ninja’s weapon. All I felt was a mere warning presence. I was immensely proud of myself then.


Shae also was quite adept at this self-defence skill. But Palm always reacted too slowly causing quite a lot of helpless mirth whenever he got hit on the head. The ninja then explicated that usually females and children are able to master this technique better than males as we are deemed to be the weaker beings, which makes us naturally instinctive towards defending ourselves when threatened. Men, on the other hand, are not inclined to protecting themselves, which is why they will not be able to learn this technique as fast. Actually I have no idea whether what the ninja said was really the truth, since the ninja mission was after all fabricated. In fact, I’m not even sure if that was a real ninja, though the crew assured us he was. But still I think it was miraculous that I was able to deflect the weapon so effortlessly.

The nostalgia part is easy to comprehend, when one makes friends with others, it is never easy to part. At least now there is still social media to connect humans. But it can never compare to the heartwarming conversations and joy shared among friends throughout this albeit short journey. Also, this is my very first project that I can truly call my own; with me, myself, and I, appearing in the entire series. This is my first beloved baby. And I will never forget the merriment of filming Find The Wasabi.

I hereby share some of my jubilance with you in the form of still photos:

Cute Rilakkuma! めっちゃ可愛いじゃない?^0^
Goofing off with my crazy fun make up artist, Miki-chan, in my free time.
My personal favourite episode.
Because I won BIG.
Is it a jacket? Is it a coat? Wait… it’s plastic!?
Fake Charsiew
How my chashu looks like from the back.
I didn’t know that the camera man was filming from above!
I like this episode too. Lotsa good food! *Waves ice cream with satisfied grin*
I swear the helmet was too big that’s why I made the weird expressions! I love riding on rollercoasters!
The VERTICAL drop.
ぴたっりじゃん!?I just look like the flowers in the vase with my green jacket and mega rose bouquet ear studs.
OMG my most horrifying experience ever. This pose is just for cool factor. Not feeling like any of Resident Evil’s heroines at all.
The host Matthew was so sweet to make us all cards before we even met. This picture was taken when I first saw him!
Spacing out like a mannequin as the make up artist and stylist fuss over my look.
One of my act Jap poses.
Happy Wasabi Hunters XD

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