Let It Go Lets Disney Magic Go

I am an avid Disney Princess fan. Yup, not ashamed of it, since young I have always fancied myself as a fairy princess, and my favourite Disney princess was Belle, as I love reading as well. A bookworm turned into a princess! This is what dreams are made of. But what I especially loved about the Disney princesses though, were not their beauty or their gowns, but their songs. But I am utterly disappointed with the recent craze about Let It Go. I’m sorry, Let It Go fans, but I really don’t love that song. While I approve of the switch of emphasis in recent Disney movies from sappy romance to family love, I’d watched “Frozen” for just one reason. Let It Go.

I heard all about the hype and watched “Frozen” expecting another legendary beautiful Disney song but all I heard was a pop song tune. There was no grandeur in the music at all. Let It Go is simply so, contemporary. I didn’t lose myself to the symphony. I sat throughout the entire music, hoping for something that fills me with a sense of wonderment. But it was just, hm. An okay song, but not a Disney song. On a side note, I really love Elsa’s gown transformation as she sang Let It Go. The sparkles. And Elsa is a much more interesting (er hem, tortured) character than Anna.

Elsa in Frozen turning dramatically, flipping her cloak and the ice castle door close at the same time.
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Ok, I digress. Back to Let It Go. I don’t understand how this pop song could capture the hearts of audience. I guess the only explanation is everyone has fallen out of love with traditional Disney tunes. To be honest, I thought “Enchanted” had much better songs, such as True Love’s Kiss and That’s How You Know, and they were sung by the actress Amy Adams herself! Brilliant actress AND singer. She even performed one of the movie’s songs on the Oscars. Though the song, Happy Working Song, wasn’t my favourite, it was a rather difficult song since it is quite upbeat, and yet her performance was flawless and magical even without any fancy princess costume. Sadly, why didn’t the songs from “Enchanted” capture the hearts of audience worldwide?

Giselle wearing a bathrobe in Enchanted exclaiming "It is magical!".
Image via GIPHY

Not just “Enchanted”, but most classic Disney songs in my humble opinion, are far more enthralling than “Let It Go”. My all-time favourites are listed below:

  • Part of Your World – The Little Mermaid
  • A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes – Cinderella
  • A Whole New World – Aladdin
  • Reflection – Mulan
  • Once Upon A Dream – Sleeping Beauty (But I actually love Lana Del Rey’s version more. OMG so dark and mysterious)
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Lion King
  • Belle (Little Town) – Beauty and the Beast
  • Tale As Old As Time – Beauty and the Beast, Sung by Mrs Teapot (Love the Granny voice)
  • Something There – Beauty and the Beast

And an extra song, not by Disney, but sounds soooo Disney. Once Upon A December in “Anastasia”. I love it especially because it seems like it is a song made for my birthday month, even though it has such a melancholic feel.

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