Bought and Sold – Modern Slavery

I stumbled across this mini art exhibition “Bought and Sold”, by Kay Chernush, and was instantly enraptured by the images and stories. The context of modern slavery may seem far-fetched to some, especially in a modern, civilised society. But the unequal balance of power will always exist. And when there is power, there also lies the possibility of misuse of power. I was reminded of one of my university research, when I interviewed certain domestic maids about their lives in here. Their situations may not have been as bleak as what I have seen in this exhibition, but still highlights the power structures between the rich and poor.

A young girl around ten was actually tortured by chilli pepper bath. It is sobering to realise how grotesquely imaginative humans can be when it comes to punishment tactics.
A woman was desperate enough to leap to freedom even at the expense of breaking her legs. She was deceived by a man she loved (her fiance who didn’t even give her his real name) and trafficked into sexual slavery. How could anyone be so heartless?!
This particular story is the most touching and offers hope in humanity. For power can be used to do good too. But I dare say such instances are devastatingly rare.
The title reads “Ghost Workers” and I was immediately struck by the fact that these people are really invisible to us. Because they have no power, and therefore, no voice to make their cries be heard.
The perspective told from a patron of sex services. I guess when some people who are not innately bad do something that’s against their conscience, they rationalise to themselves that what they are doing isn’t that bad. In this instance, he rationalises that he wouldn’t be able to tell which girl was willing or forced into the trade. Cognitive dissonance perhaps?? Hm it appears I’m turning into a psychologist.

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