Axolotl: The Real Pokemon

I have always been fascinated by weird deep sea creatures, I have no idea how it came about. Some are strangely beautiful, others are weirdly grotesque. All of them seem out of this world. Aliens from the deep blue depths, almost as mysterious and unknown as the outer space. I always think there are other living beings in the universe, but since there has been no actual scientific sightings yet (what a bore), I shall just continue to marvel at what we have on Earth.

There are plenty of pictures featuring fascinating deep ocean creatures plastered all over the internet, but one particularly strikes my fancy. Axolotls! Also known as water monster =) I kind of wish I have it as a pet. It looks like a cute thing right out from an anime, with its beady eyes and friendly smile. Even its names sounds kind of Pokemon-like. I fancy it to have some pretty bubble power. And it does have some power actually, healing abilities, or more accurately, regenerative abilities! That’s right, an axolotl can re-grow an entire limb if it ever loses one. And no it is not the larvae form of a salamander. It retains this adorable smiley form throughout its life span.


Though axolotl are most commonly found in albino form as they spend most of lives living under rocks and crevices at the bottom of the lake, they do have different colour variants.

I will just list my favourite cute colours.

White (Also called Leucistic)

It is not albino, as it has black eyes and some pigmentation on the head and body.



Mainly golden albino and white albino. I’m a bit confused about the rest my pea brain can’t support the scientific data overload but if you”re interested in more details you can check out there are descriptions of other albino types.

Golden Albino
White Albino

And this yellow cutie which has not been categorized! Also the pink cutie in the first pic!


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