The World from the Eyes of a Child

Just some thoughts about the upcoming charity show <童心童意献爱心>and the recent news that is so related to its purpose. It seems almost like fate is showing us an explication of the need to protect children. I know it from literature and history, vague newspaper accounts of child abuse and neglect. I understood the vulnerability of children, weak in their soft, small bodies. And I may have experienced a mere sliver of such terror inflicted on the weak, though now it is all but a faint memory lodged at the deepest recesses of my mind.

But I wondered if the rest of society would be able to empathize with the charity cause. After all, the whole elusive notion of protecting children for what they are, protecting what we call a childhood, may seem frivolous to some who compare our relatively more affluent society to the still developing ones.

But I hope that the recent very concrete incidents of child abuses by what most have placed their trust in would make people better comprehend the importance of giving to a better cause.

Child abuses do not only occur in places like childcare centres. They exist everywhere. And some less unfortunate children will not even have parents to voice out for them.

I fervently hope for success in this first charity show I will be part of, not just in my performance (though I’d better be!), but in terms of raising awareness among people now who are concerned for their children, that besides their own children, there are many other children out there who ought to be protected, and have the rights to lead a happy, carefree childhood that will enable them to grow into healthy, able, contributing individuals.

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