And so the hail drives the haze away

The haze hasn’t even cleared (though PSI is much lower but there’s still PM2.5 reading which is still in the unhealthy range), and now a hail has come to visit. Frankly, people might think it’s an impending apocalypse. The trees and plants in Bukit Batok are damaged by the hail stones, though I’d thought for a bit, yay my dream of Singapore covered in icicles is probably coming true.

Back to serious business, luckily the hail stones weren’t big enough to injure anyone. And, according to NEA, the hail is not toxic, so no panic, yet. But the video of the hail storm was so surreal, I could hardly believe it was Singapore; it looked like US or some other countries which are used to this phenomenon. And it happened on 2009 before!? Where was I then? Why wasn’t I in the know? I must have been dreaming.

Now everyone is very concerned and panicked about this, but I wonder when things start to lighten up what hail jokes will there be. There have been a lot of haze jokes, which are not all appropriate, but serve to lighten the tension caused by health concerns.

Hazy view of a city.
Photo by Alex Gindin on Unsplash

People have not been using the mask though, despite N95 mask getting sold out just weeks ago. I suppose it’s due to the decrease in PSI reading, but we really need to take into consideration the PM2.5 reading as well. Some friends I know are actually buying civilian masks though, complete with air filter, in anticipation that the haze will last for weeks, even months. I’m not sure if there is quite a need for this, especially for healthy adults. I’d think N95 mask would suffice. But I guess it’s always better safe than sorry!

On a light note, during a hazy day, I encountered some falling leaves carried by the wind. I’d fantasized for that moment that I was in an enchanted misty place as I stared entranced by the fluttering leaves dancing before my eyes. After a while I snapped back to reality smelling the burnt air and quickly put my mask on. Such is life.

Top photo by dsgetch on / CC BY

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