StyleXStyle Asia Style Collection 2013

I got the chance to attend the Asia Style Collection 2013, a fantastic amalgamation of music concerts and fashion shows from Japan, Korea and of course Singapore. All in all, I think the show is wonderful from beginning to end, which makes me pretty excited about the possibility of being part of this extravaganza in time to come.

The ending was rather spectacular, though many people turned to leave after their favourite K-Pop concerts have ended. But the ending was so impressive that many stopped in their tracks to finish the last bit of the show before leaving. It featured all the artistes and models emerging with aplomb, pyrotechnic displays and bursts of coloured paper fluttering like falling flowers, and models waving the Japan, Korea and Singapore flag. Sheila Sim was our model who waved the Singapore flag.


The fashion collections were pretty amazing, and I could totally tell which style belonged to which nation. Each country has its distinct fashion trend, Japan was cute, sweet and funky, Korea had both classy and cute styles, whilst Singapore had fashion that was inspired by our traditions as well as edgier fashion for our younger fashionistas.

I must admit though, when the Tokyo Girls Collection came up, I was more interested in the models than the fashion. There were two models who are feature models in Vivi fashion magazine, Lena Fujii and Rola. I focused more on them than the clothes they wore, especially Rola, she’s my absolute favourite model from Vivi! She’s super gorgeous, and really cute! Erm I’m sounding like a guy now. Excuse me.

From left: Rola, Tsubasa Masuwaka, Lena Fujii

I’d actually thought Hatsune Miku was gonna perform in the show. Sad she didn’t. For those who are wondering what’s all the fuss with her, she is actually a virtual singer. Hello Japan technology and entertainment all in one package. But it turns out that they are only featuring models dressed in her likeness. Well, it’s still good for anime lovers out there I suppose.


For the singers, well, I do know of them, but I’m not a great fan of any, which is a pity. I knew AKB48 from a very weird but funny show, Mendol – Ikemen Idol. It’s a drama where some of the members cross dressed as men to be a male pop group, Persona. Honestly I liked their Persona song, 3 Seconds better. SNH48. Don’t know them, but they are apparently the baby sister group of AKB48. I only know AI because of Amuro Namie’s song “Uh Uh Suite Chic” which featured her, a great song for exercising since its chorus tells people:

“まだまだこれから work ya body body 右から左に move ya body body
how do you like it, baby? Shake it fast shake it slow
やめないでこのまま don’t stop, don’t quit!”

Which means:

“We’re just getting started work ya body body from right to left move ya body body
How do you like it, baby? Shake it fast, shake it slow
don’t stop it don’t stop, don’t quit!”

Of course the song isn’t about exercising, nothing related at all, but I digress. Next up, Thelma Aoyama. I actually didn’t recognize till she sang “Koko ni Iru yo”, or was it “Soba ni Iru ne”? They sound similar anyway. It’s a great song full of emotions. But I really sat up (or actually stood up in the end) when she started encouraging the crowd to stand and enjoy the music. Unfortunately for her, most Singaporeans aren’t into Jpop anymore, so after some lackluster standing and waving of hands, most retired to sitting. I regret to be one of those. But anyway I think it really impressed me that she was so high and cheerful and tried to get the crowd hyper as well.

Look how she got the crowd to rock to the music!

Lastly, Mai Kuraki. She was the Japanese singer who was featured in two of Stefanie Sun’s songs, “Tonight I feel Close to You”, and “My Story Your Song”. I love “Tonight I feel Close to You”, but oddly, her voice sounded very different from when she sang the song with Stefanie Sun. It was very much higher, and I do prefer females to have deeper singing vocals.

StyleXStyle Collection, our local collection, was memorable because of the artistes who were also modeling for the collection.  And the dragon dance to K-Pop song!!


K-Pop Collection was done in a way that resembled K-Pop for most parts, with the models dancing to K-Pop hits like Psy’s Gentleman. It’s a refreshing concept from the usual catwalk, and the models looked like they were having great fun.

The model in the centre looks like Uee from After School. Requested for her face to the dr?!

K-Pop groups: Yes yes, I know both 2NE1 and SNSD. Who doesn’t in Singapore? But I wish BoA was the one performing here. I love her dance performances, she dances like a dream. But 2NE1 dance numbers were not bad, and SNSD performed a few songs I knew. Though I wished they’d performed “The Boys”. I particularly liked that song. But whilst their performances were energetic, the crowd was insane. Everyone stood up to film them and cheered. Some even went up on their chairs. So in the end most of my pictures featured hands and heads from all the people in front of me. That is the power of Korean wave. At first, everyone actually rushed up to the front of the stage/runway to be closer to their idols, even the coordinators could not manage to get everyone to return to their seats. But the K-Pop collection host, Shauna Koun Han, managed to convince everyone to return in a very gracious manner. I applaud her.

Standing crowd without any need for cajoling by the K-Pop singers.

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