96°C Café Ep 15 & 20

An honest critique of my acting in the two other key episodes I’ve been in, not bad for ep 15, terrible for ep 20.

I do like my expressions and gestures in ep 15; I think I did look rather genuine in describing the taste of coffee, though my Mandarin sounded more like I’m a banana rather than a chopstick wielding Chinese columnist. I did my best! Ok ok, gotta practise my Mandarin I know.


IMG_4844IMG_4841 IMG_4835

My expressions in ep 20, however, came across as stilted. Really. My mouth moved funny (look at my stupid mouth in the left picture below), my eyes looked dead. Nerves on set? I’d thought I was already relatively relaxed by the time the cameras were rolling though! *Sob* Tay Ping Hui was really a great help during the filming of the scene in calming my nerves (he was fantastic, actually, as he did a marvelous job of engaging in small talk with me in between filming to make me less nervous), but I guess I need plenty more work on my own part to stop my anxiety.






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