96°C Cafe (96°C 咖啡) ~ My first drama debut!

1st May is arriving in a few days, and I am most excited and even slightly anxious, for I will be watching my first appearance in a show (3rd episode) where I will be featured in. I have watched a few commercials with myself being in it, but never a full drama series. Of course, I am not the lead actress or anything, and I have only a few small scenes, but still, it’s fun to be able to see myself acting! I do hope that I don’t come across as unnatural though, I would be so disappointed with myself if I looked and sounded fake.

Now what show will I be appearing in? 96°C Café (96°C 咖啡)! A MDC idol drama inspired by Korean outdoor setting café I believe! I am 背影美 in the show, named because I have a beautiful back view? I’m not too sure why but that’s the reason my character gave, haha. I think they did try their best to make sure I have luscious-looking curls from the back though. Like really hard, since my hair is so terribly dry and frizzy looking with my old perm.


Now here are some pictures of the café, doesn’t this place look quaint?


In reality, it was uber warm in there, almost like a sauna at times when the weather is at its humid worst. Especially tough for me who had to be decked in a leather jacket at all times! Hello, who in their right mind will wear a leather jacket in the middle of the day in Singapore? Especially when sitting outdoors!? I would hate to die for fashion. I remember at one scene, the director had to cut because my face was beaded with perspiration! Kinda funny, when I recall that.

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