Star Awards 21 Apr 2013 Live

Attending the MediaCorp Star Awards was really an eye opener for me. Somehow, seeing the actors when they look at their nominated roles playing before them, made their emotions seem so much more real than when seeing them through TV, though I am still seeing them through projected screen. Perhaps it is the fact that I am actually amongst them at that point in time, so I could empathise with their feelings. They were all touched by the roles they’d played, it was written all over their faces; their tremblings smiles and sparkling eyes, the emotions I hope to be able to understand in the near future.


It opened with a sombre note, with us paying our respects to Huang Wen Yong, our veteran actor who passed away at only 60. During the moment of silence, I reflected on the many shows he has acted in all these years, and was truly sorry that we had lost such a brilliant actor. I remembered him best as hilarious Ong Kim Lai in the sitcom “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. I only wished I had known him earlier, I am sure he would have been not only a exemplary actor, but a kind mentor as well. Some of the actors broke down in tears, and I could only imagine their sorrow at losing not just a colleague, but a close friend who has worked with them for many years. I do hope he would win the best supporting actor role this year, along with top 10 popular artistes award. He deserved them. It would also be a small consolation for his family. It is great though, that MediaCorp has decided to honour him with the Honorary TV Award. Besides, his shows will be aired again for the audience, which is a wonderful way one can remember him by.

I sat next to Elizabeth Lee, and found that she was really friendly after chatting with her. It was great getting to know her, since I practically didn’t know anyone in the industry as of yet. After the show, we had a buffet waiting for us and I was introduced to some of the VIPs in MDC *nervous*. I also got the chance to mingle with some of the artistes; pretty surreal feeling, speaking to them in the capacity of a fellow colleague after watching them on screen these years. I also bumped into Lee Teng, and spoke to him for a bit. He was the one who spotted me in SNAP and got me to join their team after all, so gotta let him know kudos to him, I got into MDC! XD

After the mini party (I only ate two pastries though I was really hungry but no one seemed to be eating and I didn’t wanna seem like a hungry ghost scarfing down all the food T_T) I went straight home. Even when I left I saw many fans waiting outside for their idols. I wonder who they were waiting for. When I’d reached earlier on I had seen Pierre Png and Romeo Tan posing for pics with their fans.

Below are some pics of how I looked for the event! First one is me with my makeup artist! My lashes are super vavavoom, everyone who knew me beforehand kinda got a shock from it. Haha.

IMG_3863  IMG_4007 IMG_4018 IMG_4011

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