If you keep on believing and fighting, the dream that you wish will come true!

Hello! This is the happiest day of my life to date! I have just received news that I am going to live my dream!

I still remember what a fellow part-timer had said to me, a few months back after filming for my very first show 96°C Cafe (Soon to be aired =)); now that we are in this industry, no matter what people think of or say about us, it is a step to our goal. That we are able to act here, it means that our dreams are no longer a dream, but rather, an ambition. 我们能在这演戏,已经不是梦想,而是理想了。I find his words really deep and meaningful, and I wish him all the success as well, after all he has been struggling for much longer than me. I am more fortunate than most, to be bestowed with this amazing opportunity to work with MediaCorp only a short time after doing part-time acting with them.

I am absolutely delighted, and cannot wait to join them officially. I was also informed that I may be able to join the upcoming Star Awards ceremonies! Whee! I really wonder how it would be like to be part of the show live! Exciting!!

After joining MDC, I swear I will work even harder to improve my performances!




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Beauty- and Travel-holic who loves to play and dream, and recording her life moments.

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