CPIB trials and question on Gender Discrimination

Recently, news of the CPIB trials seem to raise a lot of public scrutiny and even mocking as the trials focus on exposing the risque affairs of the people involved, unraveling the melodrama of the court cases which seem to be turning into soap operas.

Whilst I don’t think any of the female witnesses are victims of the cases (particular with their inconsistencies in statements which are ludicrous), I was wondering why few seem to be blaming the men for their infidelity whereas the female witnesses bear the blame of being a dirty, loose woman, with many wondering where they should hide their faces in the aftermath of the trial, and how they are able to still face their families.

Why is our society focusing merely on the women and their deplorable acts, seemly forgetting that the men partook in the sexual activities and accepted the sexual favours?

It appears that our gender discrimination is still strong and unwavering, and I do wish that one day this discrimination will be eradicated, though judging from the many netizens’ comments, seems to be a farfetched dream.

Top photo by DANNY G on Unsplash

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